Friday, 18 April 2014

We met a new friend today.....

Today we went down to the river pathway and we met a new minute we were four Toosey Norfolks out for a stroll and then along came this gorgeous blond Norfolk, the one with the bouncing ears pushing in between me and Suzy Crumble.

No idea where she came from but she told us that her name was Holly and she lived near by. We had a great time running together and then surprise, surprise we found that we were related!!!

Lots of Love, Your Teddy Bear!

p.s. if you are wondering where the other three Tooseys were today, Ruby was on puppy watch and Sasha & Zippy were out working in the fields on their tractor.....


  1. Hi Teddy I know how this is meeting by surprise another Norfolk. I had the same adventure today, but he was pretty angry with me and snarled at me. I tried not show that I was a bit afraid, because I am real man, well you know how this feels, right?! By the way my Mommy has just send an email to your Mommy to tell her dates when she will come to visit you. She did not tell me yet if I will be allowed to come with her. Can you talk to your Mom that she should convince her. I would love to meet you Toosey guys. Have a great day and say hi to Ruby and the puppies. XLOB

    1. Well I am sure glad my surprise Norfolk rather fancied me!

      She was so pretty with all those blond fluffy curls and she was just so happy to meet us all, me in particular! We do not see other Norfolks around these parts of England so to have one come bounding along and wanting to join in our fun was just great...

      So of course Eddy Teddy you must come and stay next year! All our furry friends are very welcome and I personally will ensure that you have a fantastic time with us Toosey's here at Park Hall. Mummy has read your Mommy's email and is so excited too about meeting her and her friends and of course you too.

      It is going to be a very special time!!!

      Lots of Love, Your Teddy Bear XLOB (not too sure what this means but it looks rather important after my name!)

    2. haha Teddy Bear I tell you, if the Norfolk I have met would have been also a blond fluffy curly girl I would haven't snarled. Don't tell Suzy Crumble (and I need to be careful that my other flame Emma from Sweden doesn't read this either) but I am a bit in love with Suzy Crumble, I love to see pictures of her and love her face. Oh what will I give to met her next year. By the way the XLOB is a special sign from my Mom and it means X=Hugs, L=Love O=Kiss and B=Barbara. so my sign would be XLOE to you. Have a great day.

  2. Replies
    1. She sure was...I rather fancied her and I could tell from her happy face that she rather fancied me!

      Love, Teddy Bear

  3. It's always nice to meet friends, isn't it?
    And perhaps, you have a new member in your "Harem" soon, Teddy Bear!
    take care, Ruby will be jealous ;-)
    Anne and the 2 from Germany

    1. Well do you know, Ruby has no reason to worry or be jealous.....she will always have the number one spot in my heart, well until the next one comes along!

      Tee hee....Love, Teddy Bear!

  4. Your new friend looks very fluffy :-)

  5. Holly was a black & tan Norfolk but had very fine silver & blond hair and boy oh boy was she pretty! I was rather smitten by her gorgeous looks...

    She also had the most gorgeous personality, so very happy and bouncy and wanted to be one of the Toosey Gang. Hopefully we will meet her again!

    Lots of Love,

    Teddy Bear xxx