Thursday 19 June 2014

News from Sasha Baby.....

To all my friends across the globe I would like to thank you for all your kind words of support. All this love for me, a little old Norfolk Terrier who can at times be rather grumpy, certainly helped while I was away in the big animal hospital and it meant so much to me to know so many people cared just about me.

I am being a very good girl at home although I still do not want to eat as much as I used to and I sometimes cannot help myself at toilet time but I am being very spoilt and loving all the special attention. I go out everyday with my daddy, he is my favourite person, and I just loving being with him no matter what we are doing. Sometimes I am out on the big tractors, sometimes in the Jeep but as you all know my favourite thing of all is mowing the lawns! Luckily for me this has to be done twice a week throughout the summer and we have lots of lawn to cut!!!

Well I must sign off now as I can hear one of the lawn mowers starting up.....

Lots of Love, your Sasha Baby!


  1. Dear Sasha Baby...
    we love you so much and fingers and paws are crossed for you always...
    Enjoy your time with Daddy on the big vehicles and all the love Mummy Trish and Daddy give to you !

    your german friends - sending a lot of cuddles
    Beasley, Aladin and Mummy Anne

    1. Dear Mr A. & Mrs B. and of course my dear human friend Anne,

      Mr A. I do hope you are feeeling much better now and that the heat is not getting to you too much. We had very hot sunshine this morning, then a rain storm and now it is very humid. I do not think you would like this weather...

      Thank you for all your kind messages and love. I am feeling much better now that I am home and all the nice vets will be keeping an eye on me as they have found some very naughty cells in my bladder which should not be there!

      Meanwhile I take my medicine every day like a good girl and try not to get up to too much mischief which is rather hard as I am after all a Toosey!!!

      Lots of Love from your Sasha Baby xxx

  2. So nice to hear from you Sasha...being outside is such good therapy when we're not feeling our best. Please tell your Mummy Trish that our sister Truffle use to have toilet accidents before the our Mummy Mel had the vet test her for Cushings Disease. When she took her medicine she felt much better and her accidents stopped. We hope the vets can make you feel better like our sister.

    Love and Licks from the States,
    Miss Pi, Mr. Joe and their Mom, Mel

    1. I have sent you a special message...see below!

      Lots of Love, Sasha Baby x

  3. Thank you Miss Pi, Mr Joe & Mel,

    The nice vets have checked me for Cushings Disease but I have some naughty cells in my bladder, which cannot be removed as they might spread, along with a few small stones and that is what is causing my problem. I do try to be a good girl but sometimes mistakes are made, more often than not unfortunately.

    I have some medicine that I take everyday and that makes me feel so much better. I prefer to spend my days out and about with daddy as it is so much more interesting than gardening which all the other Norfolk seem to love. Teddy Bear & Nutty are out there at the moment. Suzy Crumble & Poppy have just come back indoors having spent all their morning running free in the gardens, I don't think they got much work done which is why Teddy Bear & Nutty have now gone out to check!

    Naughty Zippy zipped off with Ruby at 7am to check out the woods and all the brambles alongside the brook. They have now returned home for a late lunch...

    That just leaves me and I have been in the fork lift and on the mule all morning having fun!!!

    Lots of Love, Sasha Baby x

  4. Tracey L. McMillan19 June 2014 at 14:56

    Dearest Sasha,

    Sending lots of love your way and hope that you are comfortable. We have all had similar experiences with our beloved elder dogs, so please try not to feel poorly for toilet accidents that are natural and normal with age.

    I'm so happy that your stay in the animal hospital was not long and that you are back home doing what you love the best, being with family in a beautiful place such as Park Hall is, and riding lawnmowers. I can't think of any thing better to do or any place better to be!!!!

    When I was a young girl, I used to love to ride the lawnmower with my daddy, now I enjoy cutting the lawn and I have had doggies that love to ride the mower too....but not all of them have liked It takes a special kind, one like you. You are very special, Sasha love.

    Hugs and love from Virginia, USA
    Your friend, Tracey McMillan

    1. Wow Tracey, I am so glad to have found a kindred spirit.....and one that comes all the way from Virginia in the USA. That must be a lovely place to live, lots of sunshine too.

      I just love riding the lawn mowers. We have quite a few and all of them are different sizes which makes it all the more fun. My favourite is a big green one but a new orange one arrived yesterday and I have yet to try that one but I will send you a photo when I get to ride it!

      Yes I am special but then all the Tooseys are rather special...I had to write this as Teddy Bear told me to!

      Lots of Love to you dearest friend, your Sasha Baby!

  5. Having an important job is the best way to spend your days. Don't worry about those little accidents, your mom Trish knows how to deal with them. Make sure those lawns are perfect for the guests. You have a reputation to uphold.

    1. Hi topcop,

      Just to let you know that I have been out this morning mowing all those lawns! Rain was forcast but none has arrived so we have now set the water sprinklers on to keep the gardens looking good......

      Lots of Love, your Sasha Baby!

  6. I just have love to send you my dear Sasha. Get well sweetie <3

    1. Dear Anne,

      Your love is so important to me and helps me feel so much better so thank you for your lovely message.

      We are all looking forward to seeing you very soon.

      Lots of Love Sasha Baby!

  7. Dear Sasha Baby,

    We are very happy to hear from you, knowing you are very busy with your daddy mowing the lawns.
    Yes, in summer it's necessary to do that very often, we know all about it because we see that here in Friesland too. Here they dry the grass for the cows and sheep in winter.
    Daddy must be very proud to have such a dedicated helper, what would he be without you?

    Pawshake and licks from us, Freek & Doortje

  8. Hello my friends Freek & Doortje,

    I have been busy mowing the lawns again today and with the help of my medicine I am feeling so much better.

    We too have hay fields which will be cut this week to make the winter hay for the horses and donkeys. I will be out there supervising along with Teddy Bear.....

    Yes without us Tooseys helping Daddy he would be totally lost!

    Lots of love to you both from all of us but most of all from Sasha Baby!!!