Saturday 23 August 2014

It was love at first sight.....

Hi it's me your gorgeous Teddy Bear again and what an exciting week I have had with the Toosey girls meeting lots of lovely people and finding a new friend!

 We have done many tours this week in our new Gator taking friends, new & old, around our home and gardens. The great Toosey fans here, who have stayed at Park Hall every August for over 10 years which is long before I was even born, were out with us when we found our new friend!


Meet Bluebelle, found on a country track as we were racing along having fun.
Sasha Baby had to break sharply as we rounded a corner and saw this strange blue & white bird lying totally exhausted in the middle of the track. At first we thought this funny looking bird was dead and we Tooseys did not know what to make of this.
Suzy Crumble said we should try resuscitation but luckily for Bluebelle Poppy Pocket noticed she was still breathing so we took her back to Park Hall with us and gave her a bowl of wild bird seed to eat!
Bluebelle must have been starving as she ate lots and lots and then fell fast asleep in the food bowl!
Finding litle lost Bluebelle gave us Tooseys a great excuse to go out shopping and we came home with a special cage to help her recover. We also bought lots of toys and different foods for her to try...
.....and guess what, we also came home with a special new friend for her!
Meet Blueboy, a beautiful pale blue & grey young male budgie!

It was love at first sight for Bluebelle & Blueboy!
All this romance has gone to my heart.....does anyone know where I might find a young, beautiful girl to flirt with?
Lots of Love, Your Teddy Bear x




  1. Wow, what a lovely adventures you had this week, daddy. I've never seen a budgie so I'll have to check them out when I come and visit you in October. They are beautiful blue, it's mummy Jolanda's favourite colour.

    Daddy, don't you have enough girls to flirt with? You have mummy Ruby, Aunties Suzy, Nutty, Poppy, Sasha (although she might be a bit too old for you, tee hee) and Zippy to flirt with.

    Big lick to you, my dear daddy,


    1. Hi Tracey, Yes budgies are really cool! Little Bluebelle has stopped quivering now and is so much better. She really loves Blueboy and this afternoon they both had a fly around and then once back in their cage she spent a lot of time grooming him.

      When you are a little older Tracey you will understand why the great Teddy Bear loves the ladies so much. He is a big flirt with a big heart and needs so much love!

      Lots of Love from your mum Ruby xxx

  2. What a lovely story ,she fell with you as she knew that you are all angels and you would care for her lots love Barney and Alison xxx

    1. Hi Barney, I am not too sure about us Tooseys being angels, more like little devils at times!

      We are all looking forward to seeing you real soon. Don't forget to bring all your favourite toys including something pink for Suzy Crumble to pinch!!!

      Lots of Love from The Tooseys!

  3. Wow...what a great story. A rescue mission and a successful matchmaking.

    1. James Bond is no match for the great Teddy Bear when it comes to daring rescues and successful matchmaking Topcop.......I am the saviour of the blue budgies here at Park Hall!

  4. You're all such helpful Tooseys to take the poor little bird home with you. It makes us feel warm to see how you all took so good care of her. No wonder she feels much better. And how thoughtful of you to bring Blueboy, what a romantic couple!
    We love you <3<3 Freek & Doortje