Sunday 17 August 2014

Hi everyone, It's me your Teddy Bear.....

Today I went exploring in the Hay Barn and somehow I managed to climb to the top of the big bales. Here I am sitting looking very pretty.....

While I was up there I could smell something that had the distinct odour of food. Now as you all know I am rather partial to food!  This is me checking out the air.....

I looked around following the scent and to my amazement I saw the feral farm cats tucking into their supper. Well what was a handsome Toosey Boy like me going to do???

Yes I saw my chance and leapt into action.....

Well here I am rather surprised as I did reckon on the cats all scarpering but they have just ignored me and are still tucking in!

Decisions, decisions what am I going to do now.....

Okay I am getting a little worried as I think I may be in trouble, they don't appear to like me.....

Maybe I will just stay here and try to look all innocent and appealing.....Does this look work?

Oh No - all the food has been eaten, the cats have completely ignored me and I am stuck up here looking pretty silly with an empty tummy. This will do my street cred no good at all!!!

Lots of Love from your one & only silly Teddy Bear x


  1. Oh my dear friend Teddy Bear, you do know cats of course. They are so stubborn and I know how you must have felt being ignored. Take my advice my friend, cats are here to be chased by us dogs and not to share their food. It isn't even very tastful that fish they eat. So go to the kitchen quickly and wait for your proper dogsmeal it's so much better than that poor catsfood.

    High five from your dutch friend Freek

    1. Oh is so good to know someone who understands cats!!!

      I really thought they would all scarper when they saw me.....the one & only 'Big Ted' but noooo they all stayed put!

      Well that completely put me off my stride for the rest of the morning I can tell you!

      Luckily mummy rescued me and carried me down and gave me a delicious dinner in the kitchen. Yum, yum - I think I might have a little snooze now......

      Lots of Love from your pal Teddy Bear xxx

  2. Oh daddy, I know how you feel. The cats here get soft meat now because Pepper had a root removed from her mouth. And they don't even leave a crumb for me. And it smells so nice daddy. I'll ask mummy Jolanda to bring extra treats for you when we come to visit you soon.
    Lots of love, your little Tracey

  3. Mr. Ala knows why he hates cats! They are always so ignoring.... *lol*