Saturday 9 August 2014

What a hectic week we Tooseys have had.......

Hi to all our wonderful friends around the world. It's me your Teddy Bear and I thought you might like to know what we Tooseys have all been up to this week.....

I have been busy in the garden and have helped create a fabulous Cool Garden and this is me sitting on the stone table listening to the new water fountain. You must come and join me!

Suzy Crumble has been busy loving she is looking like butter would not melt in her mouth loving Ursula who came to meet us on Monday but let me tell you Suzy Crumble has been rather naughty this week - just ask her about the 'missing pink giraffe' !!!

Out and about is where Ruby Roo loves to be and here she is this week taking Tish, one of our guests, out on a trip on the mule. They both loved it!

Our wild child, Nutty Nutmeg, has been enjoying herself working on the farm and helping to bring in the harvest!

Happy Zippy De Doo Dah has been in charge of the combine and this year she managed to get in the wheat harvest in record time and it is now all safely stored in the grain wonder she is smiling!!!

Look what happiness Sasha Baby brings into everyone's lives that meet she is with her new best friend Ursula. They have both not stopped smiling since this first meeting on Monday!

That leaves Poppy Pockett who has been so upset now that harvest is she is crying as we leave the fields with the last of the harvest. Cheer up Poppy we all love you!

Well friends that is all our news but what have you been up too?

Lots of Love, your Tooseys!


  1. Hello my lovely family. You have had such a busy week. I'm so glad I can join you again in October, we are all excited about it. I've had puppy school this week, lost a tooth and don't have to sleep in a kennel anymore. I also went snail hunting and made friends with Pepper. For me that's quite exciting as I'm only 4 months old, but I look forward to sharing some wonderful adventures with you all.

    Lots of licks,

    Your Toosey Tracey

    1. Yeah Tracey Toosey Bear,

      What an exciting week you have had.....loosing a tooth, no more kennel, snail hunting, making friends with Pepper and best of all going to puppy school! All that makes you a big Toosey now!!!

      We are all so very proud of you and cannot wait for October when we will see you again!

      Lots of Love from your daddy Teddy Bear & your mummy Ruby


  2. Wuff wuff !
    Mum told us, in October we will make a looong journey to meet you!
    First by car to the Netherlands and than on a very large boat across the North-Sea to England!
    We are soo excited and we are counting days till October each morning!
    Mr. A and Mrs. B ;-)

    1. Ohhhhh Mr Ala & Mrs Beasley,

      We cannot sleep for there is so much excitment in the Toosey camp over the news that we will all be meeting you both in October.....

      So instead of being good girls and boy we are spending our sleep time preparing adventures to share with you here at Park Hall. It is a secret so you must not tell anyone but we are all going to get up to so much mischief!

      There are only 54 days to go and we know this as we mark each day off our Toosey calendar.

      So be good and help your mummy Annelie pack your bags and we will see you very soon!

      Lots of Love, Zippy De Doo Dah, Suzy Crumble, Poppy Pocket, Nutty Nutmeg, Sasha Baby, Ruby Roo & of course me, The One and Only Teddy Bear!

  3. I think you are all so precious. I have not met you, but I love you anyway.

    1. Thank you Cory Cohen for your lovely message.......

      It is wonderful to know that you love us and we do hope one day you will come to meet all of us. We would love that especially Teddy Bear!

      Lots of Love from your Tooseys!